Erin Gorky (Hauck) and David Mesas to Lead NYIAX’s Agency & Multicultural Initiatives

NYIAX, today announced the appointments of Erin Gorky (Hauck) and David Mesas. Gorky and Mesas will respectively lead Global Agency Partnerships and Multicultural Sales initiatives. In conjunction with the news, NYIAX reported it has doubled the size of its sales team in response to extremely strong demand.

Said NYIAX Chief Revenue Officer Anthony Tsigourakos, “Landing Erin and David is a major win for NYIAX and its partners. The media buyers and sellers we serve now have access to two brilliant advertising experts who deeply understand the market and what it takes to succeed. Today’s battle for talent is so intense. The fact that Erin and David chose to join the NYIAX team says it all. Erin and David are well poised to help NYIAX and our partners win.”

Gorky, who is based in Denver, will serve as Vice President of Agency Partnerships. In the role, she takes responsibility for the success and growth of NYIAX’s strong portfolio of agency partners, which currently include the major holding companies as well as top independent agencies. Gorky spent over a decade in the ad agency world and is recognized as a digital media pioneer based on the strategic success she drove for Ampersand, Hearts & Science and OMD.

“I am very excited to join this trailblazing team at NYIAX and take responsibility for agency partnerships. Media buying organizations face many challenges right now. Providing them with ways to be more efficient is critical to their evolution,” said Gorky.  “Today, it’s about productivity, transparency and winning. NYIAX helps media buyers and sellers outperform themselves and win every single day. By automating every step of the transaction, we save our partners close to 50% of the time and money they previously invested in manual processes, allowing them to be more strategic and efficient with their resources. In some ways, we are selling water in the desert. We simply need to educate buyers and sellers on what they’re missing, and how they can be better.”

Mesas, who most recently served as Vice President, Business Development and Multicultural Sales at Claritas, brings decades of experience to his role as Director of Multicultural initiatives as well. Based out of Miami, Mesas will be responsible for developing and introducing NYIAX’s full suite of Multicultural offerings to media buyers and publishers. Earlier in his career, Mesas held key positions at Geoscape and iHeart Media.

“Helping NYIAX establish a world-class multicultural practice that helps advertisers to reach and engage a diverse range of audiences at just the right time is a truly exciting opportunity,” said Mesas. “Our world is a beautiful and constantly changing mosaic. Advertisers deserve to know about these opportunities so they can go far beyond the limitations of the past. As we develop our practice, NYIAX’s multicultural offerings will be second to none.”

Last May, NYIAX also announced the appointment of Tsigourakos, noting it was a move made to support the rapid growth it was experiencing.

In conjunction with today’s news, Tsigourakos reported, “During Q2, we doubled the size of our national sales team. Today, no matter where you are in the US, a NYIAX executive can serve you in your region.”

Jessica Hwang who, as Vice President of West Coast Sales, is now responsible for leading initiatives in the region, was the first of its regional hires. Hwang was quickly followed by Jesse Brooks, who was appointed as Vice President of Partnerships in June.

Said Tsigourakos, “Once Jessica and Jesse were onboard, other sales stars took a serious interest in NYIAX and have since joined our team. The deals our group drove during Q2 and Q3 reflect the strength of our growing organization and the strong return on our investments in talent. While we still have 2021 to deliver on, we are confident that 2022 will be an amazing year for NYIAX and the huge community of media buyers and sellers that participate in our marketplace.” Beginning in September, NYIAX executives will take the virtual stage alongside partners at Brave, IPG and IPONWEB and JW Player at forums ranging from an  ANA (Association of National Advertisers) webcast in October to Web Summit 2021.