Transforming Media Selling via Automation

The NYIAX Transparent Futures Marketplace serves as an inventory ambassador, getting your inventory in front of the right buyers and helping manage the transaction process, all while speeding up the payment process, getting you paid faster.

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Transparent Marketplace

Our Transparent Futures Marketplace provides media sellers with access to a set of verified media buyers, and the tools to negotiate, secure, and manage their ad trades with clarity and confidence. It’s the only true, two-party exchange where both the buyer and the seller are known to each other, ensuring honest and transparent partnerships.

NYIAX’s standardized taxonomy – leveraging the power of the Nasdaq Financial Matching Engine – automates buyer & seller matchmaking, reducing manual prospecting and intervention.

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Compliant Ad Ecosystem

The NYIAX two-sided marketplace is designed to get publishers and media sellers paid faster. Unbiased fixed terms and “sources of truth” establish clear contract and payment processes, while shortening the reconciliation period. By ensuring complete contract clarity, we’re eliminating contractual dissonance and enabling more impactful partnership, so you can have confidence that your revenue will be realized.

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