The New Standard in Upfront Advertising

NYIAX delivers an accessible upfront advertising marketplace with true financial rigor. Built on top of the Nasdaq financial framework, our advanced contract management platform enables advertisers and publishers to buy, sell, and trade upfront advertising contacts with unmatched clarity and confidence.

We support this marketplace with consolidated workflow tools and enhanced reconciliation processes to help both sides of the market reduce their manual operations, increase security, forecast more effectively, and eliminate misaligned metrics and costly negotiations.

In short, NYIAX is setting a new, more effective standard for the world of upfront advertising.

Predictable Revenue

Standardized Market Taxonomy

Efficient Reconciliation Process

For Advertisers

Planning and Discovery Tools

Reduced Friction and Hidden Fees

True Supply Chain Transparency


Why Publishers Need to Embrace Continuous Upfronts

Upfront marketplaces drive price discovery, empower buyers and sellers to do long-term planning and facilitate premium content creation. Rather than resetting the marketplace at an annual event, publishers should embrace upfront strategies throughout the year. In fact, as GDPR and other privacy measures put greater emphasis on first-party data, publishers have an opportunity to create


Future of Media with MAGNA’s EVP of Innovation, Vin Paolozzi

Future of Media with MAGNA’s EVP of Innovation, Vin Paolozzi. Vin Paolozzi serves as EVP, Innovation for MAGNA. In this position, he is responsible for the development of strategic relationships with leading media, data and technology companies to drive solutions for IPG clients. We recently met up with Vin at Penn 6 in New York for Italian food and a discussion about where the industry is headed.


Why Fintech Will Be The Agency Model Of The Future

Agencies are the new broker-dealers From a macro level, the disruption that swept through the financial services industry nearly two decades ago parallels the transformation that’s currently reshaping advertising. In fact, the concern many people currently express for the future of the media agency echoes the fears that once dominated financial services. But online brokerages


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