Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, NYIAX combines a patented Financial Matching Engine℗ with blockchain technology for the advertising industry. NYIAX provides advertisers and publishers a platform to buy, sell, and re-trade premium advertising contracts in a forward/futures methodology.

As the first and only trusted, transparent, and curated marketplace, NYIAX enables advertisers and publishers to increase ROI and to reduce costs throughout the deal lifecycle.


Sell more inventory upfront, at guaranteed prices

NYIAX increases publishers’ direct sell-through by providing an automated exchange to market future, long-term inventory at guaranteed prices.

Reduce fees paid to third-party resellers

NYIAX increases publisher ROI by reducing high-fee sales through third-party intermediaries.

Additional benefits for publishers:

  • Publishers retain quality controls on all inventory
  • Price guarantees enable more reliable financial forecasting


Discover new sources for premium future inventory.

NYIAX offers buyers discoverability of future premium inventory for more effective media planning and purchasing.

Direct buying power

NYIAX improves advertiser ROI by reducing the need to purchase inventory through third-party intermediaries.

Additional benefits for advertisers:

  • Greater transparency between advertisers and publishers creates assurances as to where ads will appear and decreases fraud
  • Option to re-trade contracts as media needs change


ADWEEK: 4 Ways Blockchain Can Address Some of Marketing’s Biggest Challenges

Despite widespread public interest in blockchain applications and a significant rise in the number of blockchain startups, the technology has yet to make a dramatic impact on the advertising industry.


ETHNEWS: Nasdaq Wins Blockchain Patent For Information Sharing

US stock exchange Nasdaq has won a patent in which it describes a blockchain platform for sharing time-sensitive information.

Nasdaq has looked to blockchain technology in the past. In March of last year, it announced a partnership with blockchain-based trading platform NYIAX to create a single platform that allows publishers and advertisers to buy, sell, and trade future advertising inventory.


FORBES: Opt-Out Versus Opt-In: How Blockchain Will Change The Data Collection Culture

Apps, search engines and social media networks have a constant presence in most people’s everyday lives. Years ago, these sites and apps seemed harmless and helpful—they were strategically designed to appear this way to the average person. But as the amount of data they’ve been gathering on users has been brought to light, public opinion has shifted. Unfriendly terms such as “data monopoly” and “threat to democracy” are currently setting the tone of discussion around companies like Google and Facebook.

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