Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, NYIAX combines financial trading and advertising technology in one platform to enable publishers and advertisers to buy, sell, and re-trade premium advertising inventory.

As the first and only trusted, transparent, future inventory marketplace, NYIAX allows both publishers and advertisers to increase ROI and reduce costs.


Sell more inventory at guaranteed prices

NYIAX increases publishers’ direct sell-through by creating an automated exchange to market long-term inventory at guaranteed prices.

Reduce fees paid to third-party resellers

NYIAX increases publisher ROI by reducing high-fee sales through third-party intermediaries.

Additional benefits for publishers:

  • Publishers retain quality controls on all inventory
  • Price guarantees enable more reliable financial forecasting


Gain new access to premium future inventory

NYIAX offers buyers discoverability of future premium inventory for more effective media planning and purchasing.

Direct buying power

NYIAX improves advertiser ROI by reducing the need to purchase inventory through third-party intermediaries.

Additional benefits for advertisers:

  • Greater transparency between advertisers and publishers creates assurances as to where ads will appear and decreases fraud
  • Option to re-trade contracts as media needs change


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