The New Standard in Upfront Advertising

NYIAX delivers an accessible upfront advertising marketplace with true financial rigor. Built on top of the Nasdaq financial framework, our advanced contract management platform enables advertisers and publishers to buy, sell, and trade upfront advertising contracts with unmatched clarity and confidence.

We support this marketplace with consolidated workflow tools and enhanced reconciliation processes to help both sides of the market reduce their manual operations, increase security, forecast more effectively, and eliminate misaligned metrics and costly negotiations.

In short, NYIAX is setting a new, more effective standard for the world of upfront advertising.

Predictable Revenue

Standardized Market Taxonomy

Efficient Reconciliation Process

For Advertisers

Planning and Discovery Tools

Reduced Friction and Hidden Fees

True Supply Chain Transparency


Sir Martin Sorrell and the Pioneers of a New Era of Media (Video)

On Tuesday September 25th, CNBC advertising reporter Megan Graham led a future of media focused discussion with 120+ leaders from today’s largest agency holding companies and brands, including the heads of innovation, data, digital and media at Amazon, Axciom, Bayer, Bank of America, Cadillac, Canvas, Dentsu, eMarketer, Google, Horizon, Hulu, IPG, J&J, Live Nation, Pimpco, McKinsey &


Raising Standards in the Advertising Industry

NYIAX is taking a page from the financial services book with its Nasdaq-powered contract management platform. The accessible upfront ad marketplace will be the first cloud-based solution of its kind that runs on blockchain technology. 


NYIAX Executives Kick Off Global Roadshow to Help Media Leaders and Investors Identify Today’s Best Opportunities and Advance the Industry

Following news of its recent partnership with IPONWEB, executives from NYIAX, the world’s first upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management platform, will commence a global roadshow today through November 19th. During the speaking tour, NYIAX co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel, Carolina Abenante, and SVP of Strategy, Ben Feldman, will provide media executives and


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