NYIAX Advantages for Advertisers

Fin-tech meets Ad-tech

Co-developed with Nasdaq, NYIAX represents the first application of that exchange’s global market-leading trading technology to the needs of the advertising industry.

NYIAX is the first exchange platform to empower the large-scale programmatic buying of transparent, guaranteed online, mobile and television media contracts, creating greater efficiency, lower fees, and reduced under-delivered inventory and fraud for advertisers.

Access long-time buying opportunities

Through the NYIAX platform, advertisers gain new discoverability of future premium inventory, enabling them to buy more effectively and better manage spending forecasts throughout the year.

Re-trade guaranteed ad contracts

With NYIAX, advertisers can enter future contracts with confidence knowing they will have the ability to re-trade purchased inventory if needs change.

Reduce fraudulent impressions

The transparent NYIAX sales process minimizes the chances of fraud due to improperly counted impressions that can be found with third-party intermediaries.

Proven, trusted technology

NYIAX is built on the Nasdaq platform, one of the leading providers of listing, trading, clearing, and exchange technology, across six continents. As the creator of the world’s first electronic stock market, Nasdaq’s technology powers more than 70 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions.

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